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    We are specialized in working with our patients to find a long-term solution for their orthopedic problems. We treat virtually all types of injuries in the area of physiotherapy. Our main objective is to provide one-stop solution for all your physiotherapy problems.

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    Why Choose Us

    Why Choose Sarwar Healthcare

    Sarwar Health Care is founded with the aim of promoting health and well-being to all our patients through dedication and ethics to our work. We have a rehabilitation and physiotherapy team that provides comprehensive care and treatment in order to relieve and minimize the functional limitation of patients, reducing recovery times. Come to Sarwar Health Care.


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    Physiotherapy Services

    We proudly give best physiotherapy treatments that help you regain optimum health

    The priority of the Rehabilitation, Sports Medicine and Physiotherapy Unit is to offer any person affected by an injury, illness or surgical intervention the opportunity to recover their functional capacity as quickly and completely as possible.

    We perform the most complete physiotherapy treatments, attending quickly and effectively all kinds of physical injuries. Thanks to our long years in the sector, we are able to deliver individualized solutions that fit the needs of each person. The physiotherapeutic diagnosis, treatment and prevention work offered by our physiotherapy center not only stands out for its high success rates, but also for the proximity and involvement of our physiotherapists in Delhi. In the end, the health of our patients is always our top priority.

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    The Geriatrics is the medical specialty devoted to the study of prevention,...

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    The neurological rehabilitation of patients with damage to the nervous...

    Neurological Physiotherapy


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    Sports Physiotherapy

    Tell us where it hurts

    Specialized Physiotherapist in Delhi to Meet Your Needs

    Our physiotherapeutic treatments are performed by a team of highly specialized physiotherapists. Each of them has the necessary training to deliver quality care that meets the needs of each patient, and that can solve or improve with precision all their problems and physical ailments. The staff of the Sarwar Health Care is available - by appointment - to answer questions and deliver the information you need. In this way we can ensure that the lesions do not occur again in the future, achieving full preservation of the physical health and quality of life of all our patients.

    Specialized home nurses committed to their work.

    With extensive experience in hospitals and primary care.

    Oriented to our patients

    Oriented to our patients

    Our experience with our patients confirms the need to have an expert team at home to facilitate care at home:

    • The improvement is favored by giving the appropriate professional support
    • A comprehensive work plan counting on the patient, facilitates the evolution of the disease
    • Keeping constant information and training reduces anxiety for the patient and his family
    • A personalized team of professionals ensures optimal evolution
    Oriented to medical and surgical teams

    Oriented to medical and surgical teams

    The role that nurses play in care and continuity of care has been demonstrated. We want to provide you with the ideal professionals to improve your care for your patients / clients. We provide efficiency in your processes:

    • Specialized professionals
    • Management of your processes to improve average stay
    • Continuity of care : training plans, information, discharge management
    • Home care of your patients, with safety and quality

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      No matter whether your condition was caused by a sport, work accident or otherwise, we welcome the chance to serve you.


      We offer highly specialized treatments and we are unique physical therapy clinic

      In Dr. Sarwar Health Care, we offer our patients an infrastructure with all the comforts they need during the treatments. Whether the patient is referred by his doctor or if he comes on his own initiative, our personalized care method begins with the assessment in consultation by one of our doctors, who is responsible for the design of the rehabilitation treatment plan to follow. The doctors at our physiotherapy clinic in Delhi, put at your disposal the most advanced techniques, with which they optimize the recovery process in muscle, bone and nervous system injuries. Thanks to this we can ensure close and comfortable care, and help effectively solve the physical problems of our patients. Our centre represents a clear opportunity for rehabilitation for arthroscopy, sports injury, knee replacement and hip replacement, where the priority will always be to improve the quality of life of the person.

      • Professional Service
      • Educated Doctors
      • Emergency Help
      • Quick Response

      Customer Testimonial

      Shilpi Bir

      New Delhi

      Great care and personal attention was given during each physio session. I saw great results in my neck cervical pain and felt instant cure. Will surely recommend a good place for physio...

      Aman Rawat

      New Delhi

      Very good service and skilled doctor responsible charges and most even comfortable environment dr sarwar and his team is excellent...... Thankuu sarwar sir

      Avinash Kashyap

      New Delhi

      I had injury in my knee. I was unable to walking, stairup. I get treatment for 20 days i get relief and I m also satisfied all staff are experiend and friendly nature... Thanks

      Supriya Tiwari

      New Delhi

      Best physiotherapy clinic in dwarka i am suffering from neck pain since 3 month . I visit this clinic . After 9 session my pain has almost gone.. All team good and Dr sarwar was very excellent.. Thanks

      Rajesh Kumar

      New Delhi

      I'm very satisfied with doctor. Staff are very cooperative. I had supraspinatus tendonitis and cervical pain. I'm fine within five days . Good modalities long wave diathermy . Very fast result. Thanks!

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