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    Every day physiotherapy is approaching our lives due to the multiple pathologies that physiotherapists can treat, from a muscular pain to a neurological pathology through recovery after surgery.

    Thanks to our home physiotherapists service we can move our clinic directly to the comfort of your home avoiding the uncomfortable movements and waiting.

    Our team of physiotherapists will ensure that you receive the best personalized care for your condition. Helping you in the recovery and performing a personalized follow-up.

    How we offer the home physiotherapy service

    1. Contact us

    So you can contact us we make it easy for you and open all our channels so you can request your appointment. If you want you can leave us your phone number and we will call you as soon as possible.

    You can call us at +918595494368

    2. We go where you tell us

    Our home physiotherapists are specialists in moving the clinic to your home. We approach with all the necessary materials for the treatment.

    You just need to have a small space to mount the stretcher and we do the rest. The price of the session includes all the materials we may need.

    You do not need to have any special installation since we adapt to your day to day.

    3. We evaluate what you need

    Before beginning the physiotherapy treatments, it is essential to perform a complete assessment to be able to detect the origin of the discomforts or alterations of the movement.

    This assessment is performed to understand the patient as a whole, covering all the biopsychosocial factors that affect the pathology and not just the purely physical aspects.

    Once the assessment is made, a treatment plan is established in accordance with the experience of the physiotherapist and the preferences of the patient who must take an active part in the treatment.

    4. Physiotherapy session

    Once the assessment was done and the best treatment was determined, we went to the physiotherapy session. During the session we applied various techniques to achieve the objectives.

    We are specialists in manual therapy, our treatments include stretching, exercises, massage therapy and everything necessary for the complete recovery of the patient.

    Once the treatment is finished the physiotherapist will establish the exercise guidelines that the patient has to perform to improve the effectiveness of the treatment.

    Collegiate physiotherapists you can trust

    All our physiotherapists are university graduates and are registered in their autonomous community thus guaranteeing professional care and with all insurance in order.

    The experience in home physiotherapy care makes our team the right one to solve your doubts and adapt the exercise to your environment, using all the elements at your fingertips

    Our specialties

    The pathologies that we can treat are multiple, from a contracture to complex neurological pathology. We have specialists in various fields of physiotherapy.

    We perform respiratory physiotherapy treatments, recovery after surgery, hip and knee prostheses, recovery after falls, long hospitalizations.

    We are specialists in working with elderly patients and the multiple pathologies that affect them. We perform short and long term treatments depending on each patient.

    Our Services

    Home health care

    Patients realize that their illness restricts activity in their daily lives, making living alone too difficult.

    Pediatric care

    Children receive the necessary assistance they need at home to have a safe, healthy, and happy childhood.

    Companion care

    Ensure your loved one receives the attention and care needed, while delivering the peace of mind.

    Conditions treated

    Patients with a variety of conditions including disease, cancer, neurological and respiratory disorders and more.

    Back Pain

    By providing quick relief from pain due to ligament team or muscle spasm, strains caused by lifting heavy weights, any sudden twists, or poor posture.


    Whether it is due to an accident, heart attack or spinal cord injury resulting in loss of muscle function in part of the body, we help you recover faster without going to the physiotherapy centre.

    Joint Problems

    Reduce the pain and inflammation arising from an injury of the joint or adjacent tissues, strain, sprain or arthritis and preserve joint function using our physical therapy treatment.

    Post Operative Stifness

    Surgeries can make your muscles and joints stiff. You can regain strength after an operation through mobilization rehabilitation techniques by our in-home physiotherapists.